For Incoming Exchange Students


To be able to spend an exchange mobility period at the Ludovika University of Public Service (as an Erasmus+ or International exchange student) your home university must have an active bilateral agreement with LUPS in the subject area of your studies. Your home university must also nominate you officially for an exchange place under the terms of this agreement (e.g., total number of students, months of mobility, study level, etc…). Instructions will be provided via e-mail to all partners.

Nomination deadlines for partner Universities (not students) are:

First semester/full year: 30th of April

Second semester: 30th of November


Application form and registration

The online application form is now open for 2024-2025 incoming exchanges (Erasmus+ study and traineeship; global exchanges). To access the forms and platforms, please follow the application instructions the International Office sent via e-mail.

Deadline for first semester or full year: 15th of June 2024

Deadline for second semester: 30th November 2024

If you need help registering on the portal (in case of technical difficulties), please contact us via

Only applications from officially nominated students in the frame of current existing agreements will be accepted. You will receive an e-mail confirming acceptance once the application is reviewed. We kindly ask you to be patient, as checking all applications may require several days.


Academic information

1.    Course catalogue: Updated course catalogues of the faculties are available here.

2.    Academic calendar: Academic year 2024-2025 will be available here soon.

3.    Learning Agreement:

The Learning Agreement – Study Plan lists all the courses you wish to attend during your mobility period. This document has to be approved and signed by your home University and your relevant Faculty Coordinator at LUPS. Make sure to contact the appropriate person before arriving, especially in the case of particular study projects, such as internships or thesis research.

The deadline for signing your Learning Agreement depends on your home university schedule. However, both institutions must approve any changes before starting the exam sessions at LUPS.

Erasmus+ Online Learning Agreement (OLA): Currently, our system is not fully connected to the EWP network. During this phase, incoming students must send their Learning Agreement by email to each relevant Faculty Coordinator for approval.

A learning agreement is mandatory only for Erasmus students. International exchange students are highly recommended to compile one.


Faculty contacts for Learning Agreements:

Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies

Zsombor ARTNER –


Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training

Vivien NAGY –


Faculty of Law Enforcement

Veronika MÁTÉ -


Faculty of Water Sciences



4.    Course registration:

Course registration is completely held online on our educational platform called the NEPTUN. Log-in details are sent directly by the Registrar’s Office via e-mail.

To access NEPTUN and check out the NEPTUN Guide, please click here.

Before the registration period starts, it is advised to log in previously and start planning your timetable by adding courses to the class schedule planner. The first step of the course registration is to activate your semester, which will be available 30 minutes before the course registration starts.



Students are warmly welcomed at LUPS’s dormitories. Application for dormitory accommodation is included in the online application form.

You can find more details of the dormitories here.

Please keep in mind that the dormitory offers double-shared rooms only.

The dormitory accommodation results will be announced at least one month before the start of the semester.



A nominated student from a non-EU country can request the following documents for visa application after completing their online application and registration.

We accept requests via e-mail at

-      Acceptance Letter

-      Certificate of Residence

We advise students to start their visa application 2-3 months before the start of the semester.