Orczy Úti Kollégium (Ludovika Residence Hall)

For students applying to the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies.

H-1089. Budapest, Orczy út 1.

The Residence Hall is located in the 8th district of Budapest, near Nagyvárad tér (square). The establishment is a part of the Ludovika Campus of the University of Public Service. The construction of the building was finished in September 2015, and the Residence Hall is surrounded by the Orczy Park, which offers opportunities for leisure, a green area in the inner city of Budapest, and the lake gives the visitors a good location for relaxation. The proximity of the inner city allows the residents to easily enjoy the entertaining and cultural possibilities of the city.

Equipments of the dormitory:

o   common kitchen (ovens, refrigerators, hobs and microwave ovens)

o   common laundry room (free to use washing and drying machines, ironing boards and irons are also available)

o   vending machines

o   inner garden

o   wi-fi

o   gym

o   4 lifts

Rooms: there are are apartments designed for four people consisting of two double rooms, a shared toilet and a shared bathroom. The apartments are equipped with a fridge, a microwave oven, bedlinen and a bedside table and desk for each student.





Dormitory of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training

For students applying to the Military Leadership or the Military Logistics and Maintenance Modules

H-1101. Budapest, Hungária krt. 9-11.

ONLY for the students coming from the partner institutions of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training (FMSOT). 

The Zrínyi Miklós Barracks and University Campus is the center for trainings of the FMSOT, and it is located in the 10th district of Budapest, 9-11. Hungaria körút.

The accommodation for military officer candidates is also provided here by the University. Officially, our students do not live in a dormitory, but in a hostel in rooms for three people in the so-called six-person blocks, each with a bathroom. Each room has a TV, refrigerator and internet connection. On each floor, there’s a laundry room and a kitchen to help the daily lives of the military officer candidates. The candidates are required to stay at the hostel. During their training, we provide them free education, accommodation and food. The latter means three meals a day.


Dormitory of the Faculty of Law Enforcement

-          For students applying to the Law Enforcement Module

-          H-1089. Budapest, Diószeghy Sámuel utca 38-42. 

-          ONLY for the students studying at the Faculty of Law Enforcement.

The Dormitory has the capacity of 600, with a spacious communal area at most of the building’s storeys. 

All of the living blocks consist of 2 bedrooms and their shared facilities and equipment: a bathroom with a shower, wardrobes and storage cabinets, a fridge with a freezer and a microwave oven. 


Each room within a block provides housing for 2 students, where each student has a bed linen, a bedside table, pillows and duvet, a five-compartment standing bookshelf, desk with chair, additional bookshelves and wardrobe.


Dormitory of the Faculty of Water Sciences

For students studying at the faculty in Baja, Hungary

Beszédes József Residence Hall, H-6500. Baja, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 16.

The newly renovated Beszédes József Residence Hall is situated in the most panoramic surroundings in Baja. The Hall can offer accommodation for up to 240 students. There are three types of accommodation to choose from:

Room with 2 beds, en-suite bathroom and kitchenette

Apartment with a bathroom and two 2-bed rooms

Room with 3 beds, en-suite bathroom, (access to communal kitchen)

Most rooms have a balcony that enjoys a view of the Sugovica Branch. There is internet access in all rooms. There are rooms available for residents with disabilities. The entire building is accessible to residents with disabilities. There is a separate space for gym activity. The Halls are situated next to the Faculty of Water Sciences and thus offer easy access to the Library.

Since 2009, the Residence Hall has offered specialist academic support and programmes for residents and non-residents who join the Academic Programme (Szakollégium). The objective of the Programme is to provide personal and technical support for gifted students in their studies and advancement in life. In addition to academic support, there are programmes organised for nature lovers and for sports enthusiasts. All students are encouraged to join the Programme if they meet the necessary academic requirements as set out in Appendix 5 of the Organisational and Operational Regulations of the Residence Hall.

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