The University of Public Service has joined the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF 2020)

The University of Public Service has had the great opportunity to join the European Higher Education Fair (EHEF 2020) organized by the ’Study in Europe’ program.  The 2020 autumn fairs have embraced the digital transformation having evolved by pandemic circumstances and managed to stage the Hungarian and European Universities in a series of virtual events attracting thousands of visitors.

This unique set up provided us with the chance to introduce Ludovika as a valuable member of the European higher education network in such far-away countries like Singapore, the Philippines and Korea in a vibrant online environment.


Participating European universities could introduce themselves by displays on virtual booths, by live chat rooms, by country presentations involving the embassies and cultural institutes and of course by study program related webinars for which we are very grateful for the Faculty of Water Sciences and for the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies representing UPS.


We sincerely hope that there will be further opportunities to present Ludovika in many more corners of the world in co-operation with the relevant institutions and organisations of the European Union and in collaboration with the Tempus Public Foundation to enhance and broaden the international network and partnership of our University.