As of September 2020 Ludovika UPS launches a new modular course system especially to attract foreign students to make their studies at Ludovika-UPS more interesting and to provide them with cutting edge knowledge.

Ludovika-UPS has reorganized and regrouped its course design into modules of a handful of courses covering specific disciplines that are coherently built-up self-contained units of knowledge and skills content, relevant for a specific subject area.

This approach ensures the thorough acquaintance of specific areas of knowledge and bears additional advantages:

1. Students have the possibility to choose subjects according to their specific interest and taste by combining modules (e.g. students studying Public Governance can specialize in Cyber-Security or Social Communication)

2. The modular course design gives the possibility to specialize on a specific vocation already during university years and thus ensures a smooth placement in the labour market.

Ludovika-UPS strives to make course selection easier and tailor-made for each student, so that they can pursue their study interests and reach their career ambitions more easily. The quality of the study programmes is guaranteed by the internationally renowned teaching staff, experts of security, defense and European studies, many of them former high-ranking diplomats and civil servants of international institutions.

Ludovika-UPS Modules