MA in International Public Service Relations

This comprehensive program is offered both to Hungarian and foreign citizens, focusing on security and defence studies and European studies. The program delivered in English is synthesizing the methods and approaches of the disciplines of international relations, public administration, law and economics. The effects of globalisation, the law and policy-making of international organisations, the institutions and sectoral policies of the EU as well as good governance or integrity management are among the topics covered in this program. It aims to educate and train students to become experts in their future positions either at international and EU institutions or in their respective national public administration roles.

Upon completion of the program, graduates will benefit from a thorough and comprehensive understanding of today’s international affairs as well as the tools that will enable them to critically assess, analyse and answer global and international problems and policy issues. The program aims to train experts capable of undertaking duties at international and EU institutions and agencies, in the administration of foreign affairs, defence policy and law enforcement as well as in the international departments of NGOs or business entities.

Duration: 3 semester–long full-degree program providing a Master of Arts degree (90 ECTS)