About the Doctoral School


The Doctoral School of Military Sciences focuses on the questions of military science regarding the activities of the defence sphere. This includes a wide spectrum of research fields from military history through security theories, defence administration to national security.

Although the doctoral programme of the School is primarily based on certain accredited MSc programmes of the National University of Public Service, the law on higher education allows the admission of graduates of other universities and with a scientific background related to military sciences.

The Doctoral School of Military Sciences focuses on 7 areas of research:
1. Security studies

2. Social sciences aspects of defence

3. The theory of military science

4. The theory of military art

5. Defense logistics and defence economy

6. National security;

7. The theory of defence information and communication

The training of the Doctoral School is available in the following forms:

• organised training
- full-time training (funded by scholarship or individually through tuition fee)
- part-time (funded individually through tuition fee)
- individual training (funded individually through tuition fee)
• individual preparation

The Doctoral School is in close cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, the Hungarian Defense Forces and with other organisations (e.g. the Hungarian Association of Military Science) which participate in researches related to military sciences.
The international scientific recognition of Doctoral School can be most easily demonstrated by the fact that the number of foreign students is increasing year after year. In recent years foreign students who have successfully completed their PhD studies came from France, Italy, the People’s Republic of China, Slovenia, Ukraine and the United States.