Information on the degree procedure

In order to apply for a degree, the applicant must meet the conditions for the award of the degree, and submit a completed doctoral dissertation (work) and the annexes required by the Doctoral Regulations. Within three academic years of passing the complex examination, i.e. by the last day of the sixth semester following the date of the complex examination (31 January, 31 August), the applicant must submit the doctoral dissertation as specified in the doctoral regulations. In cases of special merit, this time limit may be extended by up to one year, in accordance with the provisions of the doctoral regulations. The suspension of the student status during the research/dissertation phase does not imply an extension of the submission deadline.

In accordance with Government Decree 217/2021 (IV. 30.) on the extension of the statutory deadline for the submission of doctoral dissertations in times of emergency (state of extreme danger), published in issue no. 2021/76 of the Hungarian Gazette:

"(1) By way of derogation from Article 53(4) of Act CCIV of 2011 on National Higher Education, a person who has passed the complex examination between 1 February 2018 and 10 May 2021 shall submit a doctoral dissertation within four academic years of the complex examination in accordance with the provisions of the doctoral regulations. In cases of special merit, this time limit may be extended by up to one year, in accordance with the provisions of the doctoral regulations.”

In the case of doctoral students whose student status commenced before the first semester of the 2016/2017 academic year, the doctoral examination shall be part of the doctoral degree procedure. The Doctoral Council of the Discipline is entitled to decide on the approval of the subjects of the doctoral examination and the appointment of the examination board.

Actions relating to the doctoral degree procedure will be suspended from 15 July to 31 August and from 15 December to 31 December. The holding of workshop discussions during the summer shall be no exception either.

General conditions for obtaining a doctoral degree:

a)    documentation of independent scientific work, in particular publications in scientific journals, books, and scientific conference publications, mostly related to the research topic of the applicant for the doctoral dissertation. The required academic achievement shall be evidenced by reaching a minimum of 20 publication points, summarised according to the points table, of which at least one must be a peer-reviewed publication in a foreign language, and at least four peer-reviewed journal publications;

b)    proof of knowledge of two foreign languages. Proof of two state-recognised complex language examinations of at least level B2 (intermediate) in two languages specified in the doctoral regulations or an equivalent certificate. If you have a C1 level (advanced) complex state-recognised language examination (or an equivalent certificate), it will be sufficient if you prove a B1 level (basic level) complex state-recognised language examination (or equivalent certificate) in another language. In the case of applicants with a disability, the doctoral student may be exempted from a part of the language examination depending on the type of disability identified in the expert opinion;

c)    applicants of non-Hungarian nationality must pass at least two state-recognized intermediate level language examinations in addition to their mother tongue, or one state-recognized advanced level and one state-recognized basic level complex language exam, or another equivalent language exam;

d)    obtaining the absolutorium;

e)    solving the scientific task independently, preparing a dissertation, creating a work, and defending the results in public debate.

The submission of a doctoral dissertation is also subject to the condition that the doctoral candidate does not have another pending doctoral degree procedure in the same discipline and that he or she has not had an unsuccessful doctoral defence within the last two years. Compliance with these additional conditions shall be declared in writing by the applicant when submitting his or her doctoral dissertation.

The Office of Academic Affairs will conduct a preliminary plagiarism check regarding the dissertation to be submitted by the author of the doctoral dissertation. In order to submit the dissertation, the applicant must have a certificate issued regarding this. If during the examination there is a suspicion of plagiarism, the dissertation may not be submitted until the submitter of the doctoral dissertation proves that he or she has properly cited the passages in question or corrected the deficiencies in the citation.

To apply for a degree, the applicant must fill in the form attached to the doctoral regulations, which is available for download on the website.

The application must be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in person, which will carry out a formal check and will accept the application only if it is complete, and then forward it to the competent Doctoral School. Incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant by the Office of Academic Affairs for completion.

The application must be accompanied by a certificate from the head of the Doctoral School certifying that the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements for admission to the degree procedure, in addition to the absolutorium, and that his or her application file meets the requirements.

A workshop discussion must be held before the dissertation is submitted. The workshop discussion shall be organized and led by the doctoral supervisor. The aim of the workshop discussion is to have a professionally competent community familiar with the topic of the draft dissertation identify the deficiencies of the dissertation, confirm the values of the doctoral dissertation to the applicant and assist in preparing a final doctoral dissertation of the highest quality.

The amount of the procedural fee: HUF 350,000.
Account number: MÁK 10023002-00318259-00000000
Beneficiary: University of Public Service
Payment reference: name, degree procedural fee

For doctoral students on full-time scholarships, the degree procedure shall be free of charge if the application is submitted within the framework of a student status.

Proof of payment is required at the time of submission of the dissertation.

Privacy policy applied for the UPS degree procedures

For more information on obtaining a degree, please contact Bettina Barta of the Office of Academic Affairs (, +36-1/432-9000/29-739).