Sports Card Information

What is the Sports Card?

The University Sports Card system was launched on 1 October 2018, through which University Citizens can use the sports services offered by the National University of Public Service at favourable rates, in a practically unlimited quantity.  By using the Sports Card, many sports facilities are available at the National University of Public Service:

  • swimming pool
  • gym
  • aerobics room
  • table tennis room
  • artificial grass soccer field
  • tennis court
  • multi-functional field
  • athletics track

As a sports card holder, you are not tied to a particular facility, since you can try other venues of the UPS sports facilities at the times indicated in the Sports Card timetable as well.

Who is the sports card for?

The sports card is primarily recommended to those

  • who take regular physical exercise,
  • whose life currently lacks sports activities,
  • who like variety in sports, too
  • who would like to stay fit all the time,
  • who are generally perform desk work,
  • who would like to enjoy the physical and spiritual benefits of regular and varied physical exercises in their everyday life.

More specifically. You should request a sports card if

  • you perform physical exercise on a regular basis, at least on 1 or 2 occasions per week,
  • you do not take physical exercise, but would like to start something, and are unable to make up your mind which sports pass to buy,
  • you are working in an office where you are constantly crouching over the computer and the desk,
  • you have passes to several different sports facilities at the same time, because you dislike monotonous physical exercise,
  • you have not yet purchased a pass to any sports facility, because you choose a different sports facility each time,
  • you would like to be free to try out as many sports  as possible.

If some of the points of the above list are true to you, go ahead and request a Sports Card now!

Let us provide you some useful information:

You can apply for the Sports Card on the UPS Service Desk portal under the Campus Administration – Sports Card tile. The portal also allows you to cancel your card and report its loss or damage. (The interface is only accessible from the internal network!)

Communication on administrative matters is done through the Service Desk/My requests menu item. 

Requesting and using the Sports Card:

  1. Submit a request on the Service Desk interface through the Campus Administration - Sports Card tile
  2. Sports Office processes the request and produces the card
  3. The card can be received at the time indicated by the Sports Office
  4. The sports card and a photographic identity document have to be presented to the receptionist at the particular facility. Next, the entry register available at Reception has to be signed


You can cancel the Sports Card on the Service Desk portal in the menu ‘Cancellation’ under the Campus Administration – Sports Card tile. After the request has been processed, information will be sent on the times when the card can be handed in to the Sports Office in person.


  • To the employees of the University and the limited liability companies: HUF 6000/month, to be deducted each month from the monthly salary.
  • To active students: HUF 3000/month, to be charged through the Neptun system.

The swimming pool remains available to employees and students for occasional useThe uniform price of occasional use shall be HUF 500.

For further information please contact: