The University Central Library and Archives provides university citizens with access to online literature for education and research based on internationally expected standards. By accessing international journals, e-books and databases, the library also contributes to increasing the international visibility of UPS. In 2021, the existing database portfolio will expand significantly, making 10 new journal packages and databases available to all university citizens, in line with digital education, even from home (Taylor & Francis, IEEE, De Gruyter, Brill, JSTOR Security Studies , Statista, World Politics Review, MathSciNet, Szent István Társulat, Kossuth Kiadó).


Subscribed databases can be accessed from computers on the UPS (e.g., office computers, reader computers located in libraries) as well as remotely (e.g., from colleges or even from home). The latter requires a VPN service operated by the IT Directorate.


More information in Hungarian:

The Hungarian language website contains:

-           List of all databases available about UPS in alphabetical order

-          International journals, magazines and weekly subscriptions subscribed by UPS