Students' Union

The Students’ Union's operation is centred around the representation of students' interests in higher education institutions while being a part of these institutions. In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 2011, each student is a member of his/her university's Students’ Union, and has the right to vote and to stand as a candidate as well.

At university level, the primary aim and prominent task of the Students’ Union is to represent the students’ interests. Student representatives actively participate in the work of every important decision-making and reviewer bodies of the university – such as the University Senate, the Faculty Council, and the committees dealing with student affairs – in oder to ensure that student interests are taken into consideration. 

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Why and when can you contact the Students' Union?

The primary goal of the Student’s Union is to defend the rights of university students. Hence, should a student perceive that a lecturer did not follow the regulations to his/her disadvantage, than he/she can report this to the Students’ Union which helps students in solving these kinds of problems. Moreover, the Students’ Union is assigned with the coordination of several events concerning university students.

In addition to official procedures, the tasks of the Students’ Union include the organisation of social life as well. Through its events and programmes, the Students’ Union would like to provide opportunities for social networking among students, further strengthening the integration and cohesion between students of different faculties. Apart from these events, the Students’ Union is the publisher of Forum Publicum, the students’ monthly magazine with articles, interviews and photo reports on issues concerning students of NUPS.