Students' Unions

Student organisations offer opportunities for additional academic efforts and research. There are several special student communities operating as groups of socially sensitive intellectuals who are devoted to their (and their fellow students’) talent management. Representing students’ interests is also very important for Ludovika-UPS. The Students’ Union helps our students in this respect and actively participates in the work of every important decision-making body of Ludovika-UPS.



The Students’ Union's operation is centred around the representation of students' interests in higher education institutions while being a part of these institutions. In accordance with the Higher Education Act of 2011, each student is a member of his/her university's Students’ Union, and has the right to vote and to stand as a candidate as well.   

Student representatives actively participate in the work of every important decision-making and reviewer bodies of the university – such as the University Senate, the Faculty Council, and the committees dealing with student affairs – in order to ensure that student interests are taken into consideration.

The representation of students is organised on two levels in our university. The first level is the Students’ Union (HÖK) for each faculty. The second level is the representation on university level. Representatives of the Students’ Union from each Faculty elect those who can represent the four faculties on university level. The main decision-making body of the University Students’ Union (EHÖK) is the Delegate Assembly which currently consists of 12 members. In the Delegate Assembly, each faculty has 3 representatives. The University Students’ Union is led by a Chair whose work is supported by the Chairs of each faculty Students’ Union (fulfilling the role of Vice Chair), secretary and officers. The Students’ Unions are very diverse communities. Each faculty has its own characteristics. On the one hand side the students are involved in different type of issues and questions, but on the other hand side this difference leads to different opportunities as well. Because of this diversity and different traditions, the Students’ Union of each faculty is designed the way that it can offer the most help to the students.

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When and why to contact the Students’ Union?

The primary goal of the Student’s Union is to represent the rights of university students. Hence, should you perceive that a lecturer did not follow the regulations while working with you, then you can report this to the Students’ Union and the representatives will help you in solving these kinds of problems. Moreover, the Students’ Union is coordinating a significant number of opportunities and events that are important during your university years. You will probably meet with our different committees as well, such as the Student Walfare Committee or the Dormitory Committee because they are the responsible of handling the social funds and coordinate the admission and moves in the dormitory.

In addition to official procedures, the tasks of the Students’ Union include the organisation of social life as well.  The aim of the events and programmes is to provide opportunity for you to spend your years at the university as meaningful as possible, so that, after you recieved your degree you can think back to the time spent here with a smile. Through its events and programmes, the Students’ Union would like to provide opportunities for social networking among students, further strengthening the integration and cohesion between students of different faculties. Apart from these events (e.g.: Women’s Handball Cup), the University Students’ Union is the publisher of Forum Publicum. In this monthly magazine students can read articles, interviews and photo reports on issues concerning students of Ludovika-UPS.




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