Scientific Students' Association

The University involves talented students in scientific projects, developing their research competences and featuring the greatest young talents as the researchers and lecturers of the future are deemed priority tasks.


Apart from the Student Colleges for Advanced Studies, the highest level organisations for talent promotion are the scientific students’ associations where student groups of similar fields of interest pursue their activities in cooperation with each other while being involved in the work of the university’s departments and research workshops and in the realization of projects based on the university’s successful tenders. By publishing their research outcomes on various forums or in the form of articles and research papers in printed or electronic journals, members can prepare themselves for doctoral studies which could eventually lead to a PhD degree. After writing their papers of high quality, students may apply for presentation opportunities at conferences organised each semester by the respective faculty’s scientific students’ associations. The jury of these conferences recommend the best publications to be presented at the biannually held National Conference of Scientific Students’ Associations. In addition, the cooperation with foreign partner institutions provides students with the possibility of scientific participation within foreign language environments.


Our university’s predecessors were acknowledged members of the scientific students’ movement which has grown to national level and has become extensively recognised during its history of more than six decades. In order to maintain this esteem, our university’s leadership and lecturers provide all assistance to the scientific students’ associations so that they can flexibly adapt to the renewing higher education structure and the changing demands of the market. Accordingly, Ludovika-UPS coordinates the activities of the scientific students’ associations while providing them with wide-ranging autonomy and ensuring the basic requirements of their operation.


Apart from students of Ludovika-UPS, the scientific students’ associations welcome the application of students from other Hungarian and foreign higher education institutions and of secondary school students interested in the associations’ research portfolios, intending to participate in their work and would like to be participants of scientific students’ association conferences organised by the university or the faculties.


President of the University Scientific Students’ Council: Dr. (Capt.) András Németh


Scientific Students’ Associations of the faculties

As the support and development of talented scholars is a priority at Ludovika-UPS, all four faculties of the university have their own Scientific Students’ Associations.

Scientific Students’ Association at the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training

Scientific Students’ Association at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies

Scientific Students’ Association at the Faculty of Law Enforcement

Scientific Students’ Association at the Faculty of Law Enforcement

Scientific Students’ Association at the Faculty of Water Sciences