Erasmus Student Network

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an umbrella organisation of ESN sections operating at the different higher educational institutions. The ESN sections are organisations consisting of and operated by national students with the aim of helping international students to integrate into the student life of their respective universities and to find their way in a new country.

ESN UPS is the section operating at our University consisting of mentor students from each faculty. ESN UPS is an extremely active and joyful group of students, with great programmes. The ESN mentors do their work on a voluntary basis to assist students in academic affairs or everyday life issues.

The ESN created a Facebook group for incoming students to keep in touch, new students are invited to participate in this group before their arrival, therefore mentors can already help them before their arrival and international students can already meet each other virtually before their mobility.

Website of ESN UPS

Facebook page of ESN UPS