Interview with Nada Hasuna, student ambassador

For students who are thinking about coming to the university, it is helpful to get some first-hand information. This is exactly why I interviewed Nada Hasuna, who is currently an international student at the Faculty of Water Sciences in Baja. My name is Tabea Jost; I am from Germany and presently doing an internship at the International Office at UPS. The internship is part of the practical phase of my degree program in Public Management. I hope you’ll like the interview and it will convince you to take the chance to study abroad and apply!


1.      Why did you decide to spend a semester abroad at UPS?

Well, initially, I wanted to study abroad to learn about a new culture and gain a first-hand understanding of other customs, beliefs, and ways of life. I also wanted to improve my language skills and learn a new language like Hungarian. In addition, I wanted to develop personally, become more independent, and develop a sense of independence and self-confidence. My goal was to study environmental engineering in English, and UPS was one of the universities that offered this field. With UPS, I found a university that combines everything I was looking for. Here I can pursue and achieve my goals.

2.      What was the application process for the Stipendium Hungaricum like?

The application process was not difficult, and all requirements and information were easily accessible and clearly stated. However, it is important to read the guidelines and instructions carefully to ensure that you submit a complete and correct application. This is because there may be slight differences depending on the country of origin.

The process is as follows:

1.) Research the admission requirements to make sure you meet the requirements

2.) Select the program from the list of programs offered by the Hungarian universities

3.) Fill in the online application form (with a transcript, letter of motivation and a medical certificate)

4) Apply before the deadline

5) Wait for the notification of the results by e-mail or online about the application

3.      How was your start at the university?

The early days at UPS were a time of adjustment to a new environment, culture, and academic system. A big challenge was the culture shock. It was totally different from home, for example, the language and the way to communicate. The coursework was more intense, and the professors required more independent study. Making friends and socialising was difficult at first, and I struggled a lot with homesickness. I kept in touch with my loved ones back home a lot, and they always supported me as much as possible. In summary, the first year was a time of growth and self-discovery. But with effort and perseverance, I was able to overcome these challenges and enjoy the opportunity I had.

4.      What offers does the university provide besides lectures?

The university offers many activities. These include, for example, swimming, basketball, soccer and a gym. There are also conferences, scientific competitions, lectures with experts from other universities from other countries and field trips with trainings.

5.      What opportunities does Baja offer a student?

Baja is one of the best cities to study because it has a very calm atmosphere where you can focus on your future and your grades without being distracted from the outside. It is a place where you feel inner peace.                                         

6.      What would you recommend to a person considering applying for the Hungaricum Scholarship at UPS?

UPS is a very good choice because it has a good location in Budapest and very good staff to help students with any concerns. Also, there are very good professors with high degrees at UPS. I can recommend the university to everyone!

Find out about your desired field and check all the requirements to make sure you get accepted. For this, it is always advisable to talk to students from previous years. They often have tips and experience on how the application process works and what you need to know to be selected.