Changing institution, study programme and/or language is possible within the first year of a full-time degree programme.

Students at Risk/SH scholarship holders are allowed to change the institution, study programme and/or language in the first two semesters if they are admitted to the first year of full degree studies in the frame of Students at Risk/SH Scholarship Programme. Only scholarship holders who will start their 1st or 2nd semester in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2022/23 are eligible to change.

The deadline for submitting the requests to Tempus Public Foundation is 1 December (for Spring Semester) and 15 May (for Fall Semester) in every school year. 

The following documents should be submitted by the scholarship holders with the request: 

-          a request signed by the student;

-          approval of the host institution: this document needs to contain the information regarding the student status of your previous semester(s);

-          approval of the future host institution in case of a change of institution request. 

Scholarship holders must submit their application for changing institution, study programme and/or language and the required attachments electronically to TEMPUS PUBLIC FUNDATION at the following email addresses: until the 15th May.

Students must also send their form to the International Office at the following email addresses: and

In the case of part-time studies, changes of study programme, institution or language are not applicable.

Change of institution, study programme and language is only possible for the same level of study programme.

Changing study programme is possible in the following cases:

-          from bachelor to one-tier master;

-          from one-tier master to one-tier master, bachelor and master. (Changing from one-tier master to master is possible only if the scholarship holder has a bachelor's degree.)

-          from master to master;

-          from doctoral to doctoral.

There is no possibility of changing institution, study programme and/or study language in the case of partial studies and postgraduate specialist training courses.

The scholarship holders can change the study language from Hungarian to a foreign language in justified cases if the following conditions are met: the lack of their Hungarian language skills seriously hinders their academic progress, as a result of which they are expected to be unable to fulfil their academic obligations stipulated in the contract (e.g. credit minimum). However, their knowledge of a foreign language is adequate for continuing their studies. In addition to language deficiencies, their academic progress is not hindered by other serious academic problems, so changing their language can really be a solution to their problems.

If the scholarship holder has attended a pre-sessional semester(s), he/she can change after the successful completion of the pre-sessional semester(s), so the change request must be submitted in the last semester of the pre-sessional semester, together with a certificate issued by the institution proving that he/she is attending a pre-sessional semester. The application will be approved after the successful completion of the preparatory course, as certified by the institution.

The language of the study programme may be changed from foreign to Hungarian. 

The number of semester(s) of the new course will be deducted from the number of semester(s) of the active semester(s) already used. Therefore scholarship holders are not expected to complete their studies in time. In the event of an extension, scholarship holders will not receive a living allowance or housing allowance.

Scholarship holders do not need to submit their application to the sending partner, but students are still encouraged to notify their sending partner of their intention to switch.

If the student's application is accepted, the scholarship holder must continue his/her studies on the basis of this decision and may not withdraw. In the case of a negative decision, the student has the right to submit a new application during the period of eligibility.

The form that scholarship holders can use to request a change is available in the document below.



Below we would like to share some useful information on how to submit an extension.

The deadline for submitting the extension request to the International Office is 10 May, 2023.

Students must send their request form and an approval letter from their faculty to the following email addresses: and

The scholarship holder may extend a total of 2 semesters.

If the scholarship holder applies for a 3rd semester extension, the institution is not in a position to support it.

The scholarship holder may apply for an extension if he/she is pursuing a full bachelor's, master's or undivided master's degree, and scholarship holders who have completed pre-bachelor's, post-bachelor's and master's specialisation courses and part-time training, as well as doctoral studies, may not apply for an extension.

Scholarship holders are not required to submit their application to the sending partner, but students are nevertheless encouraged to notify their intention to extend their scholarship to the sending partner.

During the extension period, scholarship holders will not receive a living allowance or housing allowance from the academic year 2020/2021. (Students starting their studies prior to 2020/21 are entitled for the scholarship and housing allowance during the extension.)

The form that scholarship holders can use to request an extension is available below.


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