College of Visegrád+

„The idea of our College of Visegrad+ program focuses on the Visegrad Cooperation: a regional alliance of four Central European countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Poland.

The original intention was to create an innovative, new, collegiate, youth leadership training programme focused on educating the next generation of leaders within the Visegrad Cooperation.

The aim of the College of Visegrad+ initiative is to foster young leaders who have a better understanding of the shared history of our Central European region, possess greater mutual respect towards our cultures, and will be better equipped to promote the vision of a modern, forward-looking 21st century cooperation between the V4 countries.

In preparation for the creation of our program, previous actions have been taken including the publication of studies, an expert workshop in 2019 on the concept, the formation of a Scientific and Executive Committee to set the guidelines for our curriculum, the organisation of an online conference in 2021 and in-person conferences in 2022 and 2023 about V4 cooperation.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the changed geopolitical environment surrounding V4 cooperation postponed the realisation of our plans. In response to these challenges, we believe it is even more important to consider in a university setting long term strategies for cooperation in Central Europe. That is why we will now launch in 2024 our College of Visegrad+ Weekend University project at the Campus of the Ludovika University of Public Service in Budapest, Hungary.’