Scientific Journals

Ludovika - University of Public Service has its own academic journals providing publication opportunities researchers, PhD students and university students. Two of these periodicals – Academic and Applied Research in Military and Public Management Science (AARMS) and Acta Humana – welcome articles written in English as well.

The list of the Scientific Journals of Ludovika-UPS:

  • Working Papers on State, Governance and Administration
  • Academic and Applied Research in Public Management Science (AARMS)
  • ACTA HUMANA – Human Rights Publications
  • Bolyai Review (Bolyai Szemle)
  • Hungarian Police (Magyar Rendészet)
  • Military Engineer (Hadmérnök)
  • Military Engineering Journal (Műszaki Katonai Közlöny)
  • Military Science Review (Hadtudományi Szemle)
  • Nation and Security - Security Policy Review (Nemzet és Biztonság - Biztonságpolitikai Szemle)
  • National Security Review (Nemzetbiztonsági Szemle)
  • Pro Publico Bono – Hungarian Public Administration (Pro Publico Bono – Magyar közigazgatás)
  • Society & National Defence (Társadalom & Honvédelem)

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