Asian Leadership Conference 2024

Liliana Śmiech, the Director General for International Affairs at Ludovika University of Public Service (LUPS), participated in and represented our university at the Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) in Seoul, Republic of Korea's premier international conference. At the conference, global leaders gathered to discuss the most pressing issues facing the world.

The Director General was invited to participate in a panel discussion on the topic of "Evolving Global Landscapes for Energy Security: A Strategic Horizon for Greater Partnerships Between Korea and Central Eastern European Countries."

In this session, the panelists discussed energy poverty, security, and sustainable development. They explored large-scale project developments in Azerbaijan aimed at linking Central Asia with Europe in response to increasing oil prices. Furthermore, the experts assessed the potential for expanding trade with South Korea and examined the contributions of Azerbaijan's state-owned oil company to revenue increases and the development of capital market infrastructure within the country.


Photo: ALC