The visit of a South African delegation to the Faculty of Water Sciences

On May 7, 2024, a delegation of two members from the Free State University in South Africa visited the Faculty of Water Sciences at the Ludovika University of Public Service, accompanied by Fire Lieutenant Colonel Ágoston Restás, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Head of the Department of the Department of Fire Protection and Rescue Operations Management.

The members of the delegation were Abiodun Ogundei, Head of the Disaster Management Training and Education Center at the Free State University, and Johanes A. Belle, a university lecturer at the center, who were welcomed by Zsolt Cimer, the Dean of the Faculty of Water Sciences.

During the meeting, the Dean presented the undergraduate programs in environmental engineering, civil engineering, and water management engineering taught in English, as well as the master's program in international water governance and water diplomacy, along with the infrastructure equipment of the Faculty and the metering stations in Magyaregregy and Érsekcsanád.

Abiodun Ogundei introduced the educational offerings of the Free State University, and discussions ensued about potential cooperative opportunities between the two universities for future partnerships. Since an Inter-Institutional Agreement had previously been established between the Ludovika University of Public Service and the Free State University, the promotion of the Erasmus+ mobility program could provide further opportunities for mutual institutional visits for participating students and Faculty.

Zsolt Cimer emphasized that the South African connection is of paramount importance to the internationalization strategy of the Faculty of Water Sciences, as there are currently numerous students from South Africa enrolled in the Faculty. Admission statistics also indicate a yearly increase in the number of applicants and enrolled students from South Africa.

During the introductory visit, the delegation members also visited the Water Technology Training Base, where they were given insight into the details of the ongoing research activities led by professional supervisor János Kiss.

As a conclusion to the visit, Dr Gábor Keve, the head of the Department of Regional Water Management, presented the infrastructure of the Hydraulics Laboratory, where various experiments were demonstrated. Within the educational system of the Faculty of Water Sciences, there is a significant emphasis on translating theoretical knowledge acquired in lectures into practical applications. Additionally, practical training significantly contributes to a better understanding of theoretical materials.