Human trafficking and cyber security in Kosovo

At March 21, 2024, Professor Nuredini was hosted by the dean of the Faculty of Law Enforcement of the Ludovika University of Public Service and by the vice-dean for academic and international affairs of FLE where he presented the criminal situation in Kosovo to the staff of the Department of Crime, Economic Protection and Against of Cybercrime, such as human trafficking, drug trafficking and the challenges of cybercrime. In the framework of the informal consultation, the employees were able to learn about the methods used by the Kosovo police to detect crimes, as well as the operation and education of the department. The education and training at the Faculty of Law Enforcement was discussed, especially in relation to cybercrimes and cyber security.

On March 21, 2024., Professor Nuredini gave a lecture to the students of the Faculty of St. György, before which Éva Sőregi-Vilen, Program Manager of the Ludovika Scholars, introduced the speaker and talked about the program. In his presentation titled “Security threats with the focus on the role of the security institutions in combating these threats”, Professor Nuredini covered information security, cybercrime and their detection methods in the Kosovo police. The lecture was thorough, during which the students participated actively.

Students were particularly interested in threats to information security and attacks on information systems, as well as the fight against human trafficking and hate crimes on the dark web. Through a Q&A session, the participants were able to get to know in detail the work of a foreign country in cyberspace.