An instructor arrived within the framework of the LEPSY CEEPUS Network


Within the framework of the "Law Enforcement and Psychology (LEPSY) CEEPUS Network," the Faculty of Law Enforcement establishes educational and scientific international collaborations with its partners.

The Faculty of Law Enforcement hosted Professor Rade Rajkovchevski from Skopje, representing the Faculty of Security at the St. Kliment Ohridski University, within the CEEPUS network from March 10th to March 17th, 2024.

Professor Rade Rajkovchevski delivered lectures on disaster management at the Disaster Management Institute. He discussed cooperation opportunities with the institute's director, Fire Brigade General Dr Ferenc Varga PhD, and held a high-level professional meeting with Professor Ágoston Restás, the head of the Department of Fire Protection and Rescue Operations Management.

He also exchanged experiences with Police Major Dr Szabolcs Mátyás, associate professor at the Department of Criminal Tactics, and Police Major Dr Endre Nyitrai, lecturer at the Department of Criminalistics. Furthermore, he shared his experiences with Finance Colonel Andrea Szabó, the vice-dean for academic and international affairs of the Faculty of Law Enforcement, Dr Zágon Csaba, head of the academic and international of department, and Dr Johanna Farkas, the visionary and lead coordinator of the network.