Erasmus Day at Ludovika

In 2023, for the seventh time, the international event series called #Erasmus Days took place, where participants celebrate the EU's flagship education, training, youth, and sports program, the Erasmus+ program. The event series was held during the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus+ programme in 2017, and over the years, participants have been striving to showcase the program's successes and experiences worldwide through more and more events, as well as to introduce interested parties to the lifelong opportunities offered by the program.

Thanks to the popularity of the event series, this year, over 9000 events were registered within the framework of #Erasmus Days announced between October 9th and 14th, which is nearly twice the participation compared to the previous year.

The Ludovika University of Public Service, through its International Office, also joined the event series this year with a program organised for October 12, 2023. Foreign students arriving within the program and the team of the Erasmus Student Network were invited to the event. After registration, participants formed teams, and the competition called rEUnion Race, with the main theme being the European Union, could begin. Participants had to demonstrate their knowledge about the establishment and history of the EU, as well as its member countries, by completing various tasks. Tasks included classic flag recognition, matching member countries and their capitals, as well as matching EU institutions and their headquarters, along with quiz questions about the EU.


Text: International Office

Photo: Dénes Szilágyi