Orientation Day at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies

45 Erasmus students have just arrived at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies (FPGIS) to start the Fall Semester of the Academic Year 2023/2024 at Ludovika University of Public Service (LUPS). On the Orientation Day held on September 7 at the John Lukacs Lounge, the new incoming students were welcomed and informed about the whole semester regarding the English programs, the schedule of the lectures and seminars and the history and traditions of the University.

Réka Varga, the dean of the Faculty of PGIS, greeted the participants via a video message, drew the student's attention to the various and numerous possibilities offered by the Campus or the Faculty and emphasised the benefits of being part of an intercultural community. Réka Varga also said that during their mobility, each student taking part in the Erasmus+ Program became the ambassador of their country and asked them to share their knowledge and experiences with the other students at the university. Moreover, she encouraged them to discover Budapest and Hungary as well.

Péter Krisztián Zachar, the vice-dean of the Faculty, expressed his gratitude that the participants had chosen Ludovika UPS to carry out their Erasmus mobility activity. He mentioned that one of the most important goals of LUPS was to welcome more and more professors, researchers and students in the framework of increasing internationalisation. In this spirit, several international conferences and programs are held at the Institution where foreign students should also take part to broaden their professional horizons. The vice-dean also added that one of the missions of the University was to educate ‘the intellectuals of the future’, and one day, these students might become the future leaders of Europe. He emphasised that the Courses at the Faculty would prepare the students for the current global challenges in politics. He also urged the students to take advantage of the unique opportunities offered by LUPS and to be an integral part of the campus community while at the same time remembering to explore the cultural values of their host country: "Enjoy being here, make friends and discover Budapest", he said.

After the vice-dean speech, some of the professors, among them Ágnes Jenei, Mónika Szente-Varga, Andrea Bajnok, Balázs Bartóki-Gönczy, András Hárs, Szabolcs Pásztor, Péter Koronváry, Gyula Speck and András Varga, welcomed the foreign students as well and introduced the programs at the Faculty. On behalf of the Registrar’s Office, Szilvia Almási, Kata Szabó and Zsombor Artner from the International Division of the Faculty provided the students with some useful technical information. At the end of the ceremony, Napsugár Fehér, representing the International Committee of the Students’ Union at the Faculty, talked about the expected events and highlights during the fall semester.

Text: FPGIS International Division

Photos: Dénes Szilágyi