International Staff Week at Ludovika-UPS

Between 2 and 4 of May 2023, an International Staff Week was organised again at the University of Public Service. The colleagues arrived at UPS in the framework of the Erasmus+ Mobility Programme. Our university is highly popular in the northeastern regions of the Mediterranean-sea, which was shown in the composition of the attendees’ nationalities: most of the participants were from Turkey and Greece.

The week started at the Zrínyi Miklós Ceremony Hall, with the brief opening speech of Annamária Kitta, head of the International Office of Ludovika-UPS. After her welcome speech, the participants got to know the university and each other better. Firstly a short but important presentation was shown to our foreign colleagues about the history and functioning of Ludovika-UPS. The participants also had the chance to demonstrate their own universities in the same way. After the morning programme, the participants had the chance for more casual talking and networking.

The first day of the staff week continued with a visit to the shooting range and the police tactical house of the Faculty of Law Enforcement. The police tactical house was the main attraction of the event, where police Major Dr Dávid Petrétei, assistant professor of the Faculty, offered a guided tour of the facilities and specialised rooms, such as the interrogation room. For civilians, it is a rare kind of activity, and something, which only Ludovika-UPS is able to offer due to its unique status of educating both civilians and military and police forces. The tactical house gave an insight into how the professionals of criminalistics do their everyday work. As the last event on the campus, a guided campus tour was organised, during which the entire Ludovika Campus and its special infrastructure were presented to the attendees. 

During the remaining days of the staff week, besides exchanges of the good practices of the Erasmus Programme, cultural activities enjoyed the spotlight, which there is an abundance of in the capital city. Participants were offered a visit to places such as the House of Music Hungary and a guided tour to Buda Castle and the surrounding castle district giving a brief insight into Hungarian history and tradition. After discovering the sights, stories, and legends associated with them, such as the Castle Garden Bazaar, the Lion's Court, the Matthias Fountain, the Sándor Palace, Matthias Church and the Fisherman's Bastion, participants chose the option of free-roaming in the heart of Budapest.

The three-day event concluded on the 4 of May. We wholeheartedly thank everybody who participated in the event and hope that everybody enjoyed their stay here and went home with new experiences and good memories.


Photo: Dénes Szilágyi

Text: International Office