Diversity Day

The Diversity Day of the Spring semester was organised for our international students studying at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies within the framework of the Erasmus+  and the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme by the International Division of the Faculty and the International Committee of the Student’s Union.

The Diversity Day is traditionally held at the Faculty's end of each academic semester. It gives a great opportunity for both our Hungarian and international students to share their experiences and exchange information about the everyday life of a scholar in a multicultural environment gained during their studies in Hungary or at our partners’ institutions. The aim of this event, with games and chatting, is to raise awareness of the importance of studying abroad, promote the different scholarship opportunities and show the benefits and importance of the student’s individual development. This year, despite the gloomy weather, the lawn in front of the dormitory building was filled with cheerful board game battles and stories. Based on the feedback from our international students studying at Ludovika, the semester was full of positive experiences. In contrast, those Hungarian students who are preparing to study abroad could strengthen their preparations with the help of the reports given.

In the Spring Semester of the Academic Year 2022/2023, 33 Erasmus and 17 Stipendium Hungaricum students studied at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies.

Text: UPS, FPGIS International Division

Photo: Dénes Szilágyi