Japanese visit to Ludovika-UPS

On 20 March 2023, Boglárka Koller, vice-rector for international affairs, welcomed H.E. Masato Otaka, Ambassador of Japan to Hungary, in her office. Our Institution had already had the honour of receiving His Excellency Masato Otaka. In 2021 His Excellency visited Pro-rector András Koltay to discuss the details of a three-day-long conference entitled "The Bridge over Eurasia - Diplomatic, Economic and Security Cooperation between Japan and Central Europe", which has been implemented since then. In October 2021, His Excellency returned to UPS due to being the special guest at the Ludovika-Ambassadors' Forum. His Excellency's present visit aimed to introduce Ken Endo, Professor of International Politics at the Department of Politics of the School of Law at Hokkaido University, to Vice-rector Koller. 

Professor Endo is already familiar with European issues, as he studied at prestigious European universities such as the Catholic University of Leuven and the University of Oxford and also taught in various European institutions. As Vice-rector Koller is an expert in European studies with the fields of interest in history and theories of European integration, differentiated integration and multi-speed Europe, and Europeanisation in Central and Eastern Europe, the Partners could have an exciting discussion about these topics. Professor Endo was interested in several points, such as Euro-scepticism, the Visegrad cooperation, the accelerated membership of Ukraine or Hungary's plans for the upcoming EU presidency, which will occur between July and December 2024.

After the professional conversation, Rector Gergely Deli also received the Japanese delegation for a courtesy visit. Partners revealed the good preliminary relations between the two nations. Japan is more than happy to exchange notable scholars, such as Professor Ken Endo, with Hungary in the framework of different scholarship and fellowship programmes. Rector Deli presented the relevant programmes and offered them to Professor Endo. 

Text and photo: International Office