The logistical challenges of the Czech Army in the 21st century

Colonel Pável Foltin, Vice Chancellor of the Defense University in Brno, introduced his audience to the logistical challenges affecting the Czech Army in the form of an open lecture within the framework of the Ludovika Scholars Program. It took place in the the Faculty of Military Science and Officer Training Lieutenant General Miklós M. Szabó Ceremonial Hall on October 26.

The public lecture covered three military logistics topics, after which the attendees could ask the lecturer their questions in the form of a public discussion.

In the introductory part of the presentation, Colonel Pavel Foltin described the most pressing problems affecting logistics of our time, the most important factors that directly and indirectly affect the Supply Chain Security. During the presentation of these, he addressed the specific environmental disaster situations that occurred recently, which had an immediate impact on the operation of supply chains and their safety. With the help of a SWOT Analysis, he pointed out the strengths and weaknesses of the supply chains, highlighting the opportunities that can be used to reduce or eliminate the effects of negative factors affecting the operation of the chains.

In the second part of the presentation, Colonel Foltin described the current trends that affect the transformation of the logistics support system of the Czech Army. He presented the tasks related to the procurement of new technical equipment, pointing out how the establishment of new equipment into the system affects the operation of the current logistics SOPs (standard operating procedures). He specifically addressed those military equipment that have unified classic platform, but their structure can be changed depending on the customer's needs, as this can reduce the costs incurred during procurement

In the final part of the lecture, the audience got acquainted with the possible methods with which the specialists dealing with military procurement can estimate the value of the military property to be purchased and the expected development of their price. Since in many cases, in the period from the conclusion of the contracts to the actual receipt of the equipment, the price of the given equipment can be changed several times. He presented the factors that, on the one hand, can increase the price of the equipment to be purchased, and on the other hand, will have an influence on the costs of Life Cycle Management of equipment.

Text: Dr. Venekei József Péter, Ádám Réka

Photo: Szilágyi Dénes