Erasmus+ Partner Expo at UPS

Organized by the International Office of the University of Public Service (UPS), this year we were also able to participate in the Erasmus+ Partner Expo, the goals of which were to popularize the Erasmus mobility program and encourage student mobility. At the event, those interested could get to know UPS’s partner institutions and receive useful information about travel opportunities. Experience reports and informal discussions took place at Ludovika Campus Orczy Road College on September 15.

The students who took part in the student mobility were represented by Anna Kasnyik, a third-year student of the Bachelor of International Public Management program at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies (FPIGS) of UPS, who studied in London. She explored the UK's major cities and made lifelong friendships in the British capital. Among other things, Anna told us about the creative tasks of the small, interactive classes she attended with her classmates from different countries, which is also suitable for team building, and how her personality developed during the Erasmus semester. "I became more independent and my ability to solve problems improved a lot. The time spent outside will remain an eternal experience, I hope I will have the opportunity to experience the Erasmus life again!"

The series of mobility experience reports continued with the presentation of Zoltán Egeresi, a scientific associate at the Strategic Defense Research Institute (SVKI) of the Eötvös József Research Center (EJKK). Zoltán Egeresi studied in Paris fourteen years ago, but when he was not satisfied with only strengthening his French language skills, he also completed a Turkish language course and then further developed his knowledge. The EJKK SVKI instructor placed particular emphasis on telling the audience not only about his positive experiences, but also about difficulties related to travel, accommodation, and meals, so that others do not make the same mistakes. Zoltán Egeresi emphasized: the most important thing is awareness both in terms of university courses and language learning, and in connection with the discovery of the given country. He encouraged the students to make use of the local opportunities and the given cultural potential. He confirmed what he said before about the importance of lifelong friendships, adding that, in addition to getting to know peers, it is also worth being open to teachers, since teachers always support enthusiastic students.

Before the consultation discussions, Bernadett Antal, the head of the International Office, gave a presentation full of practical advice, with which she changed the genre of the event from a lecture to an informal conversation. Bernadett Antal said that she participated in employee mobility three times, and also on a student mobility programme once. She visited Turkey twice and Romania once. On all three occasions, she also placed great emphasis on building relationships and learning languages ​​in addition to her university obligations. In connection with the latter, she drew attention to the academic results she had experienced, according to which it is possible to go from A2 level language skills to B2 level after one semester of Erasmus.

After the presentations, at the booths representing the various target countries (Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, France, Greece, the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany, Italy, Spain and Turkey), the interested parties could get experience reports from the Hungarian and foreign students who had been there. This way, those who are interested in the given nation could get a glimpse of the cultural aspects of the target country, its diversity, as well as its travel, living and everyday opportunities. The foreign students could also find out about the partner institutions and the learning and professional practice opportunities they provide; and they could receive information about the application process and additional support from the international coordinators.

Text: AnnaPáhy

Photo: Dénes Szilágyi