Peace Summit 2023


In the face of new global challenges and threats to peace, young people often feel they lack resources and experience in the development of peace efforts. The exposure to notions of instability, war, conflict, human rights violations and terror can create immense anxiety and a feeling of overwhelm and defeat. Today, the antagonist to peace can also be of a more silent, invisible and structural character, making its immediate impact hidden. Yet the consequences of these hidden threats can be as big as the ones carrying explosives and warbanners. New risks bring about new challenges, but even in the most challenging of times, there is hope that revolutionary solutions can emerge. Young people offer innovative perspectives that can help solve some of our greatest global challenges. When it comes to peace, young people hold strong leadership potential and play an important role in the future of peacebuilding. But helping your students to gain the adequate knowledge and confidence to champion social change at a global level can feel like a huge responsibility. As an educator, and as a leader and mentor for young people, you might be looking for the right resources and platforms to send your students towards. The global youth are seeking your guidance and dedication to fuel their energy.


The Peace Summit gives young people the tools and knowledge to succeed in fighting for a more peaceful future as a Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador. This role is a unique opportunity offered to delegates following their attendance at the summit. The role is voluntary and is a one year self-directed initiative that allows delegates to serve in the promotion of peace efforts in their own community. Delegates will have the opportunity to gain valuable insight from heartwrenching stories told by speakers, experts and activists, participate in workshops and challenges and network with like-minded peers. They will leave feeling empowered to take action and to instigate change, leading the way forward for other young people as an instrument for peace.


The Peace Summit will be held at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand.

The UNCC serves as one of the headquarters for the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.


  •  4-night Accommodation on a sharing basis 2-way local
  •  Transportation from Hotel to UN Conference Center
  •  Meals include 4 breakfasts, 3 lunches and 5 Coffee Breaks
  •  An Enriching Interactive Experience
  •  Access to all Plenary Sessions Knowledge-based Workshop Discussions
  •  An Electronic Certificate of Participation
  •  Lots of Networking Opportunities

The early bird registration fee of USD 1,150.00 + 7% VAT (tax) includes: PLEASE NOTE: The early bird registration fee ends September 17, 2022


Applicants should:

  • Be between the ages of 17-32 years old
  • Be able to demonstrate outstanding leadership experience and potential
  • Be passionate about peace, social change and current affairs
  • Be willing to participate with an open mind when networking with persons from different backgrounds, interests and ambitions
  • Be motivated to serve as a Humanitarian Affairs Peace Ambassador for one-year



  • STEP 1: Request a copy of the Delegate Application form from our team. Please note applications through our website will incur an application fee of USD 12.00
  • STEP 2: Collate all the completed forms from nominated students
  • STEP 3: Send the forms directly to our team for processing

By nominating your students to attend the 3rd Global Peace Summit 2023 you are making a huge contribution to a global effort to enact positive change for our world. The United Nations Conference Center has limited seating capacity so please register early to reserve a place for your students at the summit. If you want to learn more about the amazing opportunities the Peace Summit will afford your students please submit an Expression of Interest today! Our Global Program Associate will be there to assist you with the entire nomination and application process.


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