Another international cooperation on the horizon: SNSPA

Boglárka Koller, the vice-rector for international affairs of the University of Public Service (UPS), welcomed Liliana Popescu, vice-rector of the Romanian National University of Political Science and Public Administration (SNSPA). The meeting, aimed at cooperation between the two universities, took place in the vice-rector's office on 15 June 2022.

The negotiating partners presented their institutions to each other. Founded in 1990, SNSPA is a member of CIVICA European University, together with seven other leading European universities. The European University of Social Sciences brings together leading European higher education institutions in the social sciences, humanities, business management and public policy. It aims to ensure the free flow of knowledge as a public good and to promote civic responsibility within and outside Europe. Its members seek solutions to complex societal challenges through integrated activities focusing on four key themes: Transforming Societies and the Crises of the Earth; The Challenges of Democracy in the 21st Century; Rethinking Europe; and Data-driven Technologies for the Social Sciences.

The SNSPA has four faculties and one independent department: the Faculty of Public Administration, the Faculty of Communication and Public Relations, the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Political Science and the Department of International Relations and European Integration. The parties agreed early on that cooperation between the two institutions could be based primarily on the portfolio of the Faculty of Political Science and International Studies. The SNSPA's priority is ensuring that its graduates have the skills, experience and attitudes highly relevant to the labour market, a goal shared by the NKE. Like UPS, SNSPA offers a wide range of training opportunities in English. SNSPA welcomes students, teachers, researchers and PhD students to its campus under the Erasmus and Erasmus+ programmes. SNSPA has already signed several cooperation agreements with universities across Europe, including four Hungarian universities.

The aim of the meeting with vice-rector Popescu was to prepare the Erasmus cooperation with the SNSPA, but other academic and educational cooperation was also discussed.

Text: Annamária Kitta

Photo: Annamária Kitta, Internet