Negotiations with Mongolian Ambassador Baatarjav Sainnyambuu

On 9 June, 2022 His Excellency Baatarjav Sainnyambuu, Ambassador of Mongolia to Hungary, visited the University of Public Service (UPS), in order to initiate cooperation between the two nations’ universities, who specialize in the education and training of home defence and law enforcement specialists.

Baatarjav Sainnyambuu, lawyer and brigadier general, used to serve as the Director of Law Enforcement University of Mongolia. Since 2020, he served as Deputy Minister of Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs. Currently, he is the Ambassador of Mongolia to Hungary, who fosters the two countries good relationship, promoting a tighter cooperation.

Mr. Baatarjav expressed his desire to utilize the functioning of UPS as an exemplary model to demonstrate for various directors of Mongolian Universities which offer similar courses. His Excellency also discoursed with Vice-Rector for Institutional Development Norbert Kis about the possibility of establishing a training course for civil servant specialists (such as disaster management, law enforcement, home defence).Thanks to Stipendium Hungarium scholarship programme, exchange students are already able to apply for various civil courses offered by the Institution of Disaster Management such as Industrial Safety, Disaster Management, Fire Protection and Rescue Operations. Notably, 4 Mongolian students are already attending the course, whom are receiving their degree this summer.

After the fruitful negotiations, significant progress has been made in the cooperation process of the two nations. Thanks to the similar criterion of university professors of the countries - 60% of lecturers should obtain a PhD degree in the circles of UPS, meanwhile 30% is mandated in Mongolia, however from a significantly smaller list of candidates due to the smaller population of the nation (roughly 3 million people) - the schematics of PhD accreditation were drawn, which demonstrates the merit of these discussions. Mongolia would like to adapt a similar course structure to UPS, which would further facilitate future exchange programmes, as Mr. Baatarjav have expressed, their aim is to exchange even more students and also, preferably, professors, which falls in line with UPS aims of receiving more students under the framework of the Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Programme. As a token of gratitude and appreciation, Norbert Kis have invited Mr. Baatarjav to hold a University lecture about Mongolian law enforcement this autumn for the Hungarian students of the Faculty of law Enforcement, which His Excellency kindly accepted.


Text: Levente Szántó

Photo: Dénes Szilágyi