We implement the future - We realize the future!

An Exhibition to promote e-Government was held at Ludovika – UPS organised by the Ministry of Interior and the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies with the cooperation of the National Infocommunications Service Company Ltd. (NISZ).

‘Let’s realize the future!’ was the slogan of the event where the benefits of the e-Government were introduced by some interactive programs at the Educational Centre of the Ludovika Campus.

The e-Government’s main objective is to increase the use of digital services in public administration to create a single digital administration environment which can make public services more efficient and transparent. It can also reduce the administrative burden not only for the citizens but for the businesses as well.

A welfare state is a state which is committed to provide all necessary information for its citizens to make their day-to-day administration as simple, fast or convenient as possible. In order to achieve this goal, it is essential to decrease the error of human intervention and to launch a new user-friendly portal. The Government Portal (www.magyarorszag.hu) where citizens and businesses can administrate their government related affairs and have access to a number of services has already been updated to make the administration easier. The Portal is also available in English.

Digitalising the whole public administration has been one of the most important strategies recently where artificial intelligence (AI) is crucial. NISZ is currently working on AI and hybrid chatbots to improve and expand e-Government services and to provide appropriate information to citizens and businesses.