The hybrid conference is organized by the Department of Constitutional and Comparative Public Law of Ludovika – University of Public Service on 12-13 May, 2022 in Budapest.

Even if democracy is not, at least the number of legislatures – together with their members and budgets – is constantly growing worldwide. Devolution,  federalization,  secession,  regionalization,  integration  and  internationalization  –  all  these  lead  to  new  parliamentary  institutions  at  various  levels  of  government. As a result, there is more and more for scholars of various disciplines to discover, analyse and evaluate.

This expanding universe of parliaments is what brought both the International Journal of Parliamentary Studies and this conference to life. Both aim to tear down the clearly existing  walls  between  political  science  and  law,  scholarship  and  practice,  national and international approaches. It is planned that each year scholars of parliamentary studies, an emerging interdisciplinary field of scholarship, come together to share ideas, viewpoints and findings on parliamentary and legislative issues.

The conveners invite scholars from all countries to submit abstracts related but not limited to the following topics. 

·        Theoretical and empirical aspects of parliaments

·        Parliaments and socio-economic challenges

·        Constitutional changes and legislative reforms

·        Lawmaking and executive control: finding the balance

·        Political and legal aspects of parliamentary rules and procedures

·        Parliamentary elections, coalition formation and representation

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