Making carrier as a woman: presentations by Vice Rector Boglárka Koller and Amb. Klára Breuer at the Dubai Expo

Prof. Dr. Boglárka Koller, Vice Rector for International Affairs and Amb. Klára Breuer, International Director of Ludovika - UPS were invited to the “Vision & Journey” event of the Women’s Pavilion of Expo Dubai on 12 December 2021, a pavilion fully dedicated to the issue of gender equality and woman’s empowerment.

In her keynote speech Prof. Dr. Koller started with the idea of Katalin Kariko, a famous Hungarian scientist, saying that putting our ego aside was vital to proceed in the scientific world, and women - through caring motherhood - learned very well how to do that. Dr. Koller gave precious insights into her personal experience, self-doubts and difficulties, and how she could balance her carrier and family life, encouraging women not to give up their dreams and chose progress over power.

Continuing in the very same spirit, Ambassador Breuer also spoke about her personal experience of entering in the “male’s world” of diplomacy as a woman at the beginning of 1990s. She also highlighted the importance and power of cooperation of woman with carrier in the society. Citing former Premier Pál Teleki, she emphasized that “leadership is, first of all, setting example” - thus women with successfull carrier might become a role model and a strong insparation for other women.

The event was extremely inspiring and motivating to all of us, so please do not hesitate to watch the full presentation and discussion HERE >>