Focus on the creation of a Virtual AI Centre

Boglárka Koller, Deputy Vice Rector for International Affairs of the University of Public Service (UPS) hosted Ágnés Martony and Andrew Dolan, the heads of the Center for the Study of the New Security Challenges (CSNSC) Ltd. The meeting was attended by Klára Breuer, Head of the International Directorate of the UPS, and Antónia Kováts, Head of International Office.


The cooperation agreement between the University and the CSNSC has been in place since 5 December 2019, which foresees the establishment of a joint so-called Virtual Centre for Artificial Intelligence between the UPS and CSNSC Ltd. In addition to the signing of the MoU, there is already a multi-year cooperation between the University and CSNSC Ltd., whereby CSNSC Ltd. will involve UPS professors and researchers in their conferences on Artificial Intelligence in Hungary. CSNSC Ltd. has also provided the University with a foreign lecturer on several occasions and has made major donations of textbooks to the University's Central Library. The most recent event, adapted to the pandemic circumstances, was a webinar in English, with presentations by Andrew Dolan, Director, Zsolt Ződi, researcher at the Eötvös József Research Centre, and Réka Gyaraki, lecturer at the Faculty of Law at the UPS.

In a discussion with the International Vice Rector, the two parties reviewed the steps to be taken to establish the Virtual Centre for Artificial Intelligence, involving the Faculties and the interested Research Centres. The aim is that the joint work will support the teaching and research work in the Faculties and Research Institutes. There was also agreement to produce joint publications in Q1 journals. There is also a willingness on the part of CSNSC Ltd. to organise training courses for University specialists, with a view to creating new courses on MI in the future.