OUTLOOK - Britain in the modern world

Outlook, the foreign political program of Ludovika TV is pleased to present a studio discussion with His Excellency Paul Fox, the Ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Ambassador Fox was appointed Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Hungary in September 2020. Previously he was Minister Counsellor in Moscow and Her Majesty’s Consul General to Dubai. Ludovika intended to invite Ambassador Fox as a guest-speaker to Ambassadors’ Forum at Ludovika in its new addition 2021, however the event could not be held because of the pandemic. Until such programs can be held on-site, this interview touches upon topics like the fight against COVID-19 in the UK and the recently published so-called Integrated Review. The British Government launched this ambitious initiative to set out its vision for a modern defence, security, foreign and development policy, to tackle the threats of the 21st century.