Rector's measures on remote examinations

Dear University Citizens,

I would like to inform you that, following the emergency measures related to the epidemiological situation, we also have to prepare for the absence (online) mode of exams during the examination period of the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year. Given that due to the coronavirus epidemic we already had to take the exams online in the first semester as well, we shall be prepared for the period ahead with a significant amount of useful experiences. An important point of reference was the survey conducted by the University Students’ Council on the digital exam period, which showed that students had a clearly positive assessment of the absence (online) mode of conduct of the previous exam period. I would also like to thank EHÖK for its activity in this direction.

Taking into account the authorization specified in Section 61. § (4d) of the Study and Examination Regulations, as well as the Section 14. § (1) of the 484/2020. (XI.10.) Government Decree, until the introduction of a different measure, I order the following for the Second Semester Examination Period of the 2020/2021. academic year, in order to carry out the examination period of the semester in accordance with the rules of the absence (online) examination and the final examination.

During the Second Semester of the 2020/2021. academic year, as of 3 May 2021, the examination of knowledge in the courses covered by the Study and Examination Regulations and the University Doctoral and Habilitation Regulations shall be carried out in the manner specified in the two above mentioned regulations as follows:

-      type of written examination is a written examination prepared by work at home,

-      the type of oral exam is the online oral exam.

Contrary to the recommended curriculum, the person in charge of the subject shall provide information on which of the above types of absence (online) examinations is applicable to the given subject by 30 April 2021 at the latest, with the possibility that the examination and the remedial examination or the type of repetitive examination may be different.

Final exams are organized online orally

Decision on the compulsory/mandatory application of the rules for the absence (online) examination and the final examination for the entire examination period of the second semester in the 2020/2021. academic year shall be done by the Senate.

The NKE (UPS) Epidemiological Operational Commission issues a GUIDELINE about the rules of the absence (online) examination and the final examination for the examination period of the second semester in the 2020/2021. academic year to ensure, with its proper application, a unified and safe order in the conduct of the absence (online) examinations.

In our institution, all the conditions are in place to successfully complete the exam period at the end of the academic year, similarly to the first semester, for which our University will provide all necessary support, as it will be defined in the guidelines of the Epidemiological Operational Commission. We hope that upon concluding an efficient and successful exam period we shall be meeting in person again during the fall at our Campuses. In the meantime, I wish all our dear lecturers and students an effective preparation and a successful exam period.

Please continue to take care of yourself, take care of each other! Thank you for your cooperation!

Budapest, April 22, 2021


Dr. András Koltay s.k.