Erasmus + PartnerExpo 2021

Experience, travel, networking and challenges due to the coronavirus epidemic were also discussed at this year's Erasmus + PartnerExpo event organized by the International Directorate of Ludovika - Univeristy of Public Service. The purpose of the online event was not only to promote the mobility program, but also to share information about the application opportunities.

In her welcoming words, Dr. Boglárka Koller, Vice-Rector for International Affairs, mentioned that besides language learning, the personal experience gained is the main motivation for Erasmus. In this regard, she highlighted that by learning about new cultures and people, Erasmus students can later gain a significant advantage in the job market. Klára Breuer spoke about the “bringing home” of knowledge and the importance of using it for the benefit of the public, which has been a tradition in Hungarian education since the Middle Ages. The International Director also spoke about the fact that networking is an important task for the University; mobility programs and the Erasmus + opportunity also helping this aim effectively. Erasmus coordinator Norbert Révai-Bere gave an information presentation on the difficulties caused by the pandemic and the technical details of the application. Noémi Farkas of the Faculty of Public Governance and International Relations, spoke about the fact that although the coronavirus epidemic poses a number of obstacles to mobility, thanks to alternative, online solutions, these difficulties can be overcome.

Among other things, the online event focused on the benefits of mobility for study purposes or professional practice training, and also on previous Erasmus participants sharing their experiences. Erasmus is the European Union's mobility program, which supports students and staff from higher education institutions to gain experience abroad (not only) across Europe. It provides students with opportunities for study mobility and internships, and for lecturers and other staff to pursue shorter teaching and study trips. Through Erasmus +, the EU supports student and teacher mobility and transnational partnerships between institutions and organizations, but also in the field of sport. Members of the University community can currently choose from 133 partner institutions, 51 partner countries and more than a hundred cities if they are thinking about mobility for study or professional purposes, and there are also opportunities to apply to partner institutions outside Europe.

Likewise, Ludovika - University of Public Service is happy to welcome international students and lectures with such mobility programs.


The event was hosted by Antónia Kováts, head of the International Office and organised by Györgyi Biró, member of the International Directorate.