The Model Change in Higher Education is coordinated by a researcher of Ludovika

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán commissioned István Stumpf, a research professor at the American Studies Research Institute of Ludovika to coordinate governmental tasks related to the change of the higher education model and the operation of the new maintainer model. The government commissioner will be appointed for two years from February 1st.


The government's decision on the appointment of István Stumpf as a government commissioner was published in the Hungarian Government Gazette on Friday evening. According to the information provided there, the Government Commissioner coordinates, among other things, the tasks of the Hungarian State related to the preparation and implementation of the model change and the operation of the new maintainer model; coordinates the tasks of those involved in the implementation of the model change, maintains regular contact with the relevant state bodies, as well as with maintaining bodies and higher education institutions. The activities of the government commissioner are directed by the prime minister.


István Stumpf is a research professor at Ludovika, a former minister as well as a retired constitutional judge, who has spent years in the United States as a scientist for the German Marshall Fund and IREX (Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government and GWU, Graduate School of Political Management). István Stumpf is the author and editor of several articles and books, his research interests include political socialization, parties, electoral systems, constitutional and governmental structures, separation of powers and the rule of law.