Unique Trainings, International Career Opportunity - Educatio 2021

Ludovika – the University of Public University (NKE) is looking forward again to meeting  all interested persons at the Educatio Education Exhibition between 21-23 of January -  this time in an unusual way. At the three-day online event, all four faculties of Ludovika will present their full training portfolios, as well as the unique Diplomacy Training Program, the Europe of Nations Career Program and the personalized Ludovika Collegium Talent Development Program will be available to discuss.
At the 21st Educatio International Exhibition of Education, information can be gathered through virtual meetings, but people, who are about to make a career can get information in writing, via chat and Q&A, and via online meetings in meeting rooms. The University's virtual stand will be supported by 15 meeting rooms, which will provide plenty of useful information from faculty members, including point thresholds, admission requirements, training, dormitory placements, scholarships or even sports opportunities.
The Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies awaits those interested in three meeting rooms, where visitors can get answers to all questions related to admission. In addition to the recruitment issues, the faculty members will give several thematic lectures, including career opportunities for public administration organizers, cyber security, and international and diplomatic career opportunities.

The Faculty of Military Science and Defense Officer Training is also waiting for visitors in three meeting rooms, where the heads of the military and the basic and master's courses of civil security and defense policy answer the questions in person, but the university staff and students are also available regarding the requirements of the special admission procedure.

The Faculty of Law Enforcement has traditionally been of great interest. In the five meeting rooms, everything will be presented about the faculty's training and recruitment procedure, and in a separate thematic meeting room, the faculty's instructors will provide information on the physical aptitude test, basic training, enrollment and candidate status, as well as general information on faculty training. Those interested can also find out more about the trainings of the Disaster Management Institute in a separate meeting room.

The Faculty of Water Sciences in Baja provides information on the basic engineering courses and a master's degree in English in water diplomacy, which is unique in the world.

This year, thanks to the online space, Ludovika can show much more of itself. A separate meeting room is available for information on the university's mobility programs and the institution's English-language training. Based on the proportion of students participating in part-time study abroad, UPS is the 2nd best higher education institution in Hungary, so for those who are already made such plans, our university is the best choice.

In 2020, the Diplomacy Training Program, the Europe of Nations for Europe Career Program for Careers in the EU, was launched for the first time and the Ludovika Collegium will soon start its leadership training and talent management program. Information on these programs can be found in a separate meeting room.

And those who want to know more about student life, scholarships, student academic life and talent management are welcome to the University Student Council.

Participation in the exhibition is free, but registration is required.


More information about the exhibition can be found by CLICKING HERE.