V4 and Turkey: Contemporary relations

The Institute for Strategic and Defense Studies at EJRC UPS has organised a webinar entitled 'V4 and Turkey: Contemporary relations' aiming at discussing and evaluating the relations between Turkey and the Visegrád countries. The event was moderated by Dr. Zoltán Egeresi, research fellow of the institute. The speakers outlined the main features of the bilateral relations between Turkey and their respective countries. Prof. Dr. Ömer Faruk Genckaya, Marmara University, pointed out the importance of strengthening the relations between Turkey and the V4 group. Dr. Karol Wasilewski, head of programme at Polish Institute of International Affairs (PISM) highlighted the role of good historical relations between Poland and Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and the importance of security concerns shaping the current Polish foreign policy towards Turkey. Lucia Yar, PhD Candidate at Comenius University and editor of Euraktiv by summarising the traditionally good Turkish-Slovak relations also described the effects for the diplamtic relations of the recent government change in Slovakia. In her insightful assessment, Dr. Pelin Musil, senior researcher at Institute  of International Relations (IIR) pointed out the importance of the public perceptions. Tamás Kozma, head of department at Antall József Knowledge Centre evaluated the Turkish-Hungarian relations along with political, economic and cultural cooperation; based on his presentation Hungary has the most intense relations with Turkey among the V4 countries nowadays.