Rector's measures on the introduction of digital education

Dear University Citizens!

Pursuant to Section 61 (4b) of the Educational and Examination Regulations (EER), and the 484/2020. (XI. 10.)Government Decree, I set out the following rules until different measures are taken.

In the current academic-year of 2020/2021, from 16 November 2020 until the end of the teaching period, lectures, seminars and practical sessions set in the timetable and covered by the EER must be held online via the MS Teams system. The requirements set out in the regulations and curriculum should be applied suitable to online sessions. A supported form of instruction is a webinar lecture, which is equivalent to a lesson.

If the students of the Faculty of Law Enforcement and the Faculty of Military Science and Military Officers’ Training have to perform special service obligations that are not compatible with this schedule, the dean shall, with the approval of the rector, set out special measures for education. In this context, student work in distance learning and its teacher’s assessment are equivalent to an online session.


Temporary absence of a student from education due to a pandemic reason is justified if it is duly reported to the Edipemological Operational Corps. I kindly request all of you to continue, in a disciplined manner, the practice of reporting and – as the pandemic reason cease to exist – the closing of reports of pandemic incidents to the Epidemological Operational Corps.

Workshops, public defenses, and habilitation lectures in doctoral schools shall be postponed until January 30, 2021.

Replacement of classes missed during the 10-14 November 2020 school break period is not mandatory, but if the instructor deems it necessary, he or she may order replacement for students in an online session.

The comprehensive transition to online education is a significant challenge for all of our faculties, lecturers and students, so I kindly ask that IT user and technical issues be reported in a timely manner to the support units provided in the E-learning Guidelines. (You shall also check  

Please, fulfill the educational and study tasks of the remaining educational weeks with patience and respect to each other.

Budapest, November 11, 2020

András Koltay, rector