New Provisions of the Rector to tighten the preventive measures of the university regarding the COVID-19 pandemic

Dear University Citizens! Dear Employees, Dear Students!

The Government of Hungary, on 4th November 2020, declared a state of emergency overall the territory of Hungary aiming to prevent further consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the life and health of all citizens. As the pandemic situation is worsening, we shall have to pay more attention to prevention and to the strict adherence to the regulations.

During the classes, lectures and seminars, social distancing - at least one and a half meters between persons - should be kept, and throughout the University Campuses, in closed spaces, proper use of facemasks, that cover the nose and the mouth, is compulsory. During the classes, all teachers are also required to wear facemasks (masks shall not be taken off while presenting and speaking), moreover, in indoor events or seminars every participant and speaker is obliged to properly wear facemasks.  I have ordered the stricter monitoring of these safety measures, more precisely the conditions in classrooms. I ask all of you to keep health safety measures and make others keep them for the preservation of our collective health. I appreciate your understanding and cooperation in advance.

Ludovika-UPS Epidemiology Operational Corps (JOT) puts together preventive healthcare measures and makes them effective based on the reports of university citizens. I am grateful to you for having reported the cases on being obstructed by the pandemic. However, in the upcoming weeks, we need to ensure the formal closure of such cases with the revoking of the resolved cases. Therefore, I ask every university citizen, who have so far registered COVID cases, to notify the Epidemiological Operational Corps on the reason of terminating the previous COVID registration at the page at „COVID closure” menu point.

The “COVID closure” is a legal statement confirming that a university citizen, who has previously made a COVID registration, has an official medical certificate declaring that the reason of the registration is no longer exists and has an official certificate to re-join the community. By submitting the Data Sheet at „COVID closure” menu point and due to the legal statement content the official or medical certificates, they no longer needed to be sent to the Epidemiological Operational Corps, too.

In the coming weeks we will try to limit the spread of the COVID virus by setting up body thermometers and body thermometer gates at the main entrances of the Campuses.

I would like to ask all of you for your cooperation in following the security protocols and rules that would be introduced related to thermometer gates.

The Epidemiological Operational Corps has prepared special measures for the study and the examination period to be introduced in the case of a further increase of the epidemiological situation. The planned regulations will be discussed by the forthcoming Senate meeting.  The Rector’s measures related to education published on 17 September 2020 remain in force. ( )

Dear University Citizens, Dear Colleagues, Dear Students,

In the current phase of the pandemic, we have to overcome the increasing difficulties and this can only be achieved with patience, discipline, understanding and the sacrificial work of our staff. Please take care of each other and your own health as well.

Budapest, 6. November 2020

Dr. András Koltay