NUPS scholar on a lecturing- and study-visit to South America

Senior research fellow of the NUPS, Zsolt Szabó gained information on parliamentary processes and held a lecture on the challenges of legislation in our present days during his study visit to South America in July. The researcher of the Department of Constitutional Law and Comparative Public Law at the Faculty of Public Governance and International Studies also held a lecture at the annual global conference of the International Society of Public Law.

The annual global conference of the International Society of Public Law – which was held in Santiago de Chile this year – is amongst the most influential events of comparative public law. Senior research fellow Zsolt Szabó gave a presentation about parliamentary law and led a panel discussion as well. The researcher visited the Parliament of Chile too, which is located outside the capital, in the city of Valparaiso on the coast of the ocean. At the Parliament, he was welcomed by the representatives of the General Secretary who introduced the operation of the bicameral Congress. The delegate of NUPS had the chance to visit the Senate in Buenos Aires and gained information on the parliamentary processes thereof.

 Pursuant to the visit the lecturer of NUPS held two lectures in English language at two faculties of law in the Brazilian city of Curitiba (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná, UniBrasil) about the current challenges of legislation and the corresponding Hungarian practice. Brazilian universities are open to hearing about Europe-related topics, including the process of democratization in Europe, which they tend to find a particularly interesting issue due to its similarities to the Brazilian one. During his visit Zsolt Szabó met the Hungarian communities of three major cities, Santiago, Buenos Aires, and Sao Paolo, where he held educational presentations on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the regime change about the constitutionalization process and the Fundamental Law of Hungary. Zsolt Szabó summarized the visit as follows: „Hungarian communities tend to welcome lecturers and visitors from their home country, they are usually very active and show interest, they had many questions during my presentations. The elderly generations who emigrated as kids have a perfect command of Hungarian, their children, however, do not.