Police officers from the Philippines visited the Faculty of Law Enforcement

A high-level delegation from the Philippines visited Hungary on the invitation of the National Police Headquarters of Hungary. During their one week stay the members of the delegation had a chance to get to know the different levels of law enforcement educations, and therefore visited the Faculty of Law Enforcement at NUPS as well.

The delegation was led by brigadier general Alfred S. Corpus, the director of the Philippine National Police Training Service; he was accompanied to Budapest by the leaders of different law enforcement organizations, among others by the leader of one the regional training centers of the National Security University of the Philippines.  Upon their visit to NUPS, the members of the delegation were greeted by brigadier general Ottó Dsupin on behalf of the Police Education and Training Center and by colonel Bence Mészáros, vice-dean for international relations on behalf of NUPS; the latter also presented the University and the law-enforcement education activities of the Faculty to the visitors. The members of the delegation together with Bence Mészáros and lieutenant colonel András Vigh from the Department of Forensic Sciences had a visit to the special educational facilities at the Law Enforcement Education Building and Dormitory such as the criminalistics lab, the educational lockup, the tactical building, and the interrogation room. 

During its stay, the delegation visited the Educational and Training Centre, and the Dog-Handler Training and Animal Control Center at Dunakeszi as well. After this program the Philippine visitors spent the rest of their stay at the  Hungarian Airport Police Directorate, the Riot Police Demolition Services, furthermore they had a trip to Szeged in order to visit the border barrier and the transit zone and to Mórahalom to visit the command center.