Chinese Delegation Visited NUPS

On 9 May, the National University of Public Service welcomed a delegation of 10 officers from the PLA National Defence University administered by the People's Liberation Army in China. The delegation, led by maj. gen. Xu Guizhong, visited NUPS as part of their European travel tour.

During their stay, the Chinese delegation received an introduction on the foundation of NUPS, its management and mission. The guests also learned about the officer training programmes of the Faculty of Military Sciences and Officer Training and the Hungarian military higher education system. The visitors were informed about the levels of officer training programmes, the ongoing scientific programmes as well as military leadership training.

In addition, they gained insight into the training and graduation requirements of military leadership, military logistics, and military maintenance degree programmes, including various specializations. The guests and the representatives of the Faculty had a dialogue on the comprehensive approach at NUPS which links the work of  different service branches and results in long-term professional benefits.

As a closure of their visit, the delegation was introduced to the rich history of the Ludovika Main Building and the recently renovated Ludovika Campus.