Cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology

The National University of Public Service and the Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech) have signed a memorandum of understanding in Estonia about researches on the legal and social aspects of cyber security.

TalTech is one of the leading cyber security institutions of Europe which is strongly connected to the cyber security centre of NATO. The delegation from NUPS visited the Estonian university on the 5th of December with the aim of strengthening the cooperation as partners as well as defining the common goals for the upcoming years. “Regarding the cyber security education, TalTech is one of the leading institutions among the European states and it already has a technical cyber security programme to offer” - said Renno Veinthal, Vice-Rector for Research. The head of the legal institute of TalTech added that the cooperation between the two universities will mainly focus on the social and legal aspects of cyber security, which are considered to be less explored research areas in Europe.

“We are pleased to receive such programmes and training, because these strategic and legal regulatory approaches are missing from public administration” - highlighted Annely Kolk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Legal and Consular Affairs, who also participated in the discussion. On behalf of the Hungarian delegation, Mr. András Téglási, Vice-Dean for Education of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration, mentioned that “our university has started the preparations for a Masters programme on cyber security as the Hungarian public administration, together with the National University of Public Service have recognized the importance of this area”. Mr. Csaba Krasznay, Head of the Cyber Security Academy of NUPS emphasized that “the long term goal of the two partner institutions is to strengthen the cooperation in research as well as to establish a joint educational programme.”

During the meeting, the representatives of NUPS and TalTech agreed on a more intensive cooperation. Additionally, they also signed the Erasmus programme which enables the mutual change of students and lecturers between the two institutions.

Photo by: Tallinn Law School Facebook @tallinnlawschool