Comparative Civil Service Network Conference

The “Civil Administration Research Group” was established in January 2017 at the National University of Public Service with the aim of providing complex legal and HR analysis for public administration. To this point the research group has conducted legal analysis of the Hungarian civil service and has provided recommendations for future direction of regulations.

For the research group it is of great priority to launch a comprehensive network for scientific collaboration which involves both international and national civil service experts. Thus, the aim of the group is to propose the establishment of the Comparative Civil Service Network. The Network would serve as an independent organisation including researchers from European countries and would study the present  status of civil service as well as the prospective directions for strategic development. The Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration is organising the Comparative Civil Service Network conference between 21-23 November. The purpose of the event is to share knowledge on international trends in civil service and establish the Comparative Civil Service Network. 14 international guests and representatives of several Hungarian universities will be attending the conference. The invited guests will present the Hungarian, Swiss, French, Spanish, Czech, Serbian, Portuguese, Turkish, Slovenian and Slovak public administration.

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