Erasmus Days 2018

The Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration organized the „Celebrating Diversity” intercultural training and informational day on the 12th of October, 2018.

#ErasmusDays is an international event which was organized - for the first time - in 2017 throughout Europe in 11 countries and 324 cities. Spreading the news, facts & figures of the Erasmus programme in 625 events it has reached 52 million people. In 2018, it is expected to have more than 1000 events in 20 countries. Hungary has joined the event series as well to draw attention not only to the Erasmus+ programme, but also to all the professional benefits it gives to participants, and to spread the news among all sectors and ages.

Between 2014 and 2020, 2/3 of the Erasmus budget is spent on mobility activity while the remaining 1/3 is aimed at developing of partnership, reforming higher education and reaching out to the youth sector. The goals aimed to reach and expected numbers are highly convincing so far. Half of the more than 4 million mobilities is realized in the higher education, but sports, professional trainings and voluntary activities are highly funded as well. Besides part-time training, 200.000 MA students, and 25.000 joint MA students have completed their mobility. Furthermore, the programme opens opportunity to build strategical alliances between educational institutions, firms and other organizations in more than 150 scientific fields.

During the informational day among the many other facts & figures - mentioned above - new ones were introduced in Q&A sessions as well. Interested students were encouraged to test their knowledge and try their luck in quizes which are part of the brand new Erasmus+ decathlon. This aims to activate future Erasmus students to prepare for their mobility, get to know useful details and to meet those who have already completed their mobility activity. Interested students can get more information on the University’s website under the relevant menues.

The Celebrating Diversity intercultural training was also organized as part of the #ErasmusDays event at the Faculty. The event was designed to provide an opportunity to international students to meet each other outside of lectures. At the same time, it provided an opportunity to the Hungarian students to meet those internationals who are here with the Erasmus+ programme from our partner institutions. Furthermore, the event helped our incoming students to fit in more easily in the local culture and to express their views of us after 1,5 months. It was highly rewarding to hear their satisfaction and good reflections as these deepen our cooperation with the partner universities. The training started by the introduction of sweets brought by students from their homeland. This gave a good mood to continue on with the actual - highly appreciated - training held by Dr. Ágnes Jenei.