Lomonosov – NUPS Workshop on Public Administration

The Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration of the National University of Public Service and the world-renowned Lomonosov Moscow State University have held a joint academic week. The inter-institutional agreement – which allows student and researcher exchange as well – was launched in 2016.

Based on the agreement our Faculty have greeted Professors from Moscow several times earlier. Hence, as participant of the ICM associate professor Olga Lvova, associate professor Ekaterina Batovrina, and last spring professor Alexander Livshin, Vice-dean of the Faculty of Public Administration have visited us already. During this spring visit the idea of a joint academic week was formed, which takes place twice a year both in Budapest and in Moscow.

Taking the first occasion our Faculty has accepted 5 professors: Evgenya Andryushina, Alexander Polunov, Ivan V. Leksin, Ekaterina Panova and Natalia Oparina. During the 3-days-visit a conference and a workshop were held. On the conference Russian professionals, professors and researchers of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration and the Faculty of European and International Studies have given lectures about the Russian, Hungarian and European public administration and governance.

The workshop was opened by Dr.Györgyi Nyikos, vice-rector for international affair at NUPS, who also served as a moderator during the event. The opening lecture was given by Norbert Kis, dean of the Faculty of Science of Public Governance and Administration and aimed at the questions of strong government and weak bureaucracy, concerning the subject of the latest changes of the Hungarian public administration and governance during the last 8 years. Following topic was the strategic planning of the Russian public administration presented by Evgenya Andryushina, professor of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Two following lectures connected to this topic, the one held by Natalia Oparina on management studies and of Ekaterina Polunova on the HR management of Russian public administration. These 3 lectures were perfect opening cord to their mutual lecture at the next day’s workshop. This following day’s lecture embraced the competitive programme organized for the executives of Russian public administration, aiming the replenishment of the sector with young talents. With regard to the Russian public administration Ivan V. Leksin has presented the challenges of Russian public administration and multi-level governance. Besides Russian and Hungarian topics European and international dimensions were discussed as well, such as Visegrád Cooperation within the EU, presented by Boglárka Koller, dean of the Faculty of European and International Studies. Closing lectures of the conference were presented by Alexander Polunov, who talked about the past and present of the Russian ethnicities and minorities, and Erzsébet Dr. Nagyné Rózsa, associate professor of the Faculty of European and International Studies, lecturing the actual politics of the states in the Persian Gulf. There is also a plan for publishing the lectures of this conference in the near future.

The visit was followed by a scientific workshop on the second day, at which international students of the Doctoral School of Science of Public Administration (Stefanía Aguila Ruano, Ruslan Seitkazin, Zhansulu Muratova, Abishev Arnat, Shi Jiandong, Tao Shiyi, Sanjay Chopra, Saqer Sulaiman, Emmanuel Abeku Essel és Bayu Takele Bekele) introduced their research fields and had opportunity to lead a scientific dialogue with our Russian partners.

This academic week has given a perfect opportunity to deepen the scientific cooperation between Russian and Hungarian professors and researchers. Thanks to the success of this programme the next academic week will take place in Moscow in the next semester.

A deeper report will be published in the November issue of the Bonum Publicum, journal of our university.