Change at the head of NUPS

The Senate of the National University of Public Service unanimously – with 39 votes for it – supported the application of Prof. Dr. András Koltay for the position of Rector at NUPS.

The tendering procedure for this leadership position has been opened by the university’s Board of Governors at the end of June, 2018, after Prof. Dr. András Patyi resigned. András Koltay is going to lead the university starting from September the 1st.

At the Senate meeting various questions and remarks were raised, and András Koltay provided elaborate answers to all of those. His application stressed that the Ludovika and the National University of Public Service are important entities for him not only because of their heritage, but also because of the development that has been seen in the last years. Prof. Dr. Koltay also mentioned that although he already has a few stings connecting him to NUPS, in a way he still feels like an outsider.

“When I will be allowed to enter these gates as the head of this organisation, I will do everything in my power to aid the work of those, who have already been working here for seven years” – explained András Koltay.

In his detailed plan of action, he further explained his agenda as a rector, which includes the strengthening of inner structure of NUPS and the cooperation between the various faculties and institutes to enhance the already present energies. He also believes that looking at the possibilities present, one could not aim for less than achieving elite status, while also staying grounded. The applicant also mentioned the importance of research and training activities:

“The university has to train students, and this must be achieved base on equality among university citizens. One must serve the students and also provide service for them” – detailed his vision Prof. Dr. Koltay.

Furthermore, he also believed that this institution, while it relies on the past for a base, it builds for the future, and the result of these works might only be visible in the future. He also mentioned university rankings, where his primary aim is to improve on the local Hungarian ranking of NUPS, while not forgetting the more complex issues of international rankings either.

The leadership of NUPS – the vice-rectors and deans – supported the applicant in his application. The Senate evaluated the application unanimously favouring it in secret ballots, and also recommended it to the Board of Governors. The Board of Governors discussed the question during its Friday meeting and also supported the application of András Koltay. The Board supported – via the Minister for Human Capacities – the appointment of Prof. Dr. András Koltay as rector of NUPS by the President of Hungary. According to the decision of the President, the appointment would last for 5 years, effective from September 1st.

András Koltay graduated in law at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University in 2002, where he currently works as lecturer and head of a department. His main research areas include the freedom of speech, media law and privacy rights. He is a member of the Media Council.